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Default Where's everybody gone?

"Derek" wrote in message ...
On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 11:32:48 +0100, "pearl" wrote:

May I have a copy of that too please, Derek. Cheers.

I'm sorry Pearl, I just can't do that, but please rest assured
knowing that I've not criticised you in any way. William will
now be aware of my unwarranted attacks on you, and I'm sure
that he will see them (links provided) as I describe: "cowardly",
"wrong", "vicious" and "done in temper and very much regretted."
William will also see that, instead of trying to excuse myself in
any way I take all the deserved criticism upon myself and won't
let anything like it happen again. Also, I've told/warned him that
I've reproduced our private emails before now, and that it is in
HIS interest to know this before replying to me in private email

Alrighty. Thanks for the reassurance. Water under the bridge.

Man ! ... This is worse than Corry.