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Default Where's everybody gone?

Derek wrote:

If born liars exist
lesley is one.
No. Ispe Dixit knows her well and told me ages ago that she's a reliable
expert on nutrition and alternative animal-friendly treatments.
Derek was incorrect about that

Incorrect about what? I'm telling you what Ipse Dixit told me. He wrote me an email.
If you're as confused as you ought to be about all this and the
despicable, baseless hate campaign against Pearl, check your
email for a rather lengthy explanation I delivered there about
an hour ago. If you're still wary of revealing your IP but want
some more answers and a little more advice, such as using a
throw-away email address while on Usenet, let me know here
which paragraph number you're referring to and I shall write to
you again.

May I have a copy of that too please, Derek. Cheers.

I'm sorry Pearl, I just can't do that, but please rest assured
knowing that I've not criticised you in any way. William will
now be aware of my unwarranted attacks on you,

They *were* warranted, Nash. They weren't baseless accusations, they
were very well-founded.

and I'm sure
that he will see them (links provided) as I describe: "cowardly",

No, they were apropos assessments of her loony beliefs.


Why, post facto, do you consider it wrong to have called her out for
claiming that foot rubs cured her sister of brain injury? Is it that or
do you only consider it wrong to have taken your and her private
conversations and dragged them into aaev/tpa?

"vicious" and "done in temper and very much regretted."

You should grow a pair. Be proud you were able to call a quack a quack.

William will also see that, instead of trying to excuse myself in
any way I take all the deserved criticism upon myself and won't
let anything like it happen again. Also, I've told/warned him that
I've reproduced our private emails before now, and that it is in
HIS interest to know this before replying to me in private email

It was quite amusing that she confided to you that the airplanes were
trying to keep her and her secret information down by spraying
"chemtrails" over her leaning house. Even more amusing, she's posted
pics of contrails on her website (I must use that word very loosely; her
HTML coding is quite horrible).

For me it's not a choice. I cannot go against my principles any more than you can
Same as that, Billy.

You go against your principles all the time, Nash. Still taking your