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Default Where's everybody gone?

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On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 13:16:10 +0100, "William" wrote:


He was a lying criminal

Then how can you believe him, and why repeat his lies as being the truth about
This hate campaign against Pearl is over before it starts if the ONLY evidence
supporting it comes from someone you know to be a lying criminal. LOL


She willingly had plenty to do with him, and therefore is most likely
quite comfortable with dishonesty.

No. You only have the word of a lying criminal to go on.

Also, Goo has a list of absurd things
that she believes, and she insists she doesn't believe in some of them
though amusingly she can't say which of them she thinks she doesn't
believe in...even when asked!

I've seen her reject at least two items on that list today. Read her posts.

This is a very strange situation indeed,

The only strange situation going on here is your hate campaign against her and your
refusal to accept the fact that she rejects at least two of the things you're all
her of.

but it appears that Goo is actually telling the truth this time.

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