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Default Where's everybody gone?

chico chupacabra added:

You consort with 'strippers'.

"Consort" is far too strong a word for it, especially since my
girlfriend isn't very open-minded about that kind of thing (with
strippers or any other woman). I don't find what strippers do to be
immoral compared to, let's say, trying to convince someone that a foot
massage is comparable or superior to seeing a real doctor, that a small
electric device can cure someone of parasites he or she never even had,
or that meat can never be part of a healthful diet. You're a fraud,
Lesley. Maybe if you had titties you could make an honest living with
them instead of being so jealous...

and conning gullible people out of their money and into believing that
reflexology, zappers, and the rest of the crock of shit you peddle is of
any genuine medical benefit beyond relaxation.