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Default Where's everybody gone?

slutweed wrote:

Give up the fake concern,

You're the biggest phony in the world. I'm not encroaching on your
territory, Lesley. I'm calling you on it; and you're evading it.


More like, especially when
it comes to tyrants like Saddam, Kim Jung Il, and this dipshit running
Iran right now.

You are in NO position to lecture others

Yes, I am.

about sanity,

You have none. The posts about the inner earth beings alone demonstrate
just how out of touch with reality you are.

Your theme song:

morality and decency.

Two more things completely foreign to you.

You don't give a damn about anyone or anything -

You say that but then you give a list of people and things I give a damn
about. Make up your brain cell.

just yourself

That counts as "anyone," but the "just" part wrongly excludes my family,
my girlfriend, friends, co-workers, fellow runners and cyclists, and...

and your owners'corporate profits,

Profit's not a dirty word. It's a very nice word. You profit. It's why
you get on your moped and pretend you're Born to Be Wild on the way to
giving foot massages to the gullible people of Ireland.

whore, ill-gotten through lies, mass-murder,
theft and destruction.

You say that like there's something wrong with it.


You have tried to defend and cover up the most
heinous crimes against humanity,

Examples? You mean by my favoring immunizations that have helped
eradicate (or just about) diseases like smallpox and polio?

the environment,

Examples? You mean by favoring privatization of all land so people will
be better stewards of it?

and animals.

Examples? I'm especially interested in what you consider heinous crimes,
aside from people eating meat, wearing fur, or being cured of disease
via medications and procedures stemming from research. Food, warmth,
well-being -- what do you find particularly galling about that?

You consort with 'strippers'.

"Consort" is far too strong a word for it, especially since my
girlfriend isn't very open-minded about that kind of thing (with
strippers or any other woman). I don't find what strippers do to be
immoral compared to, let's say, trying to convince someone that a foot
massage is comparable or superior to seeing a real doctor, that a small
electric device can cure someone of parasites he or she never even had,
or that meat can never be part of a healthful diet. You're a fraud,
Lesley. Maybe if you had titties you could make an honest living with
them instead of being so jealous.

You're beneath despicable,

That's rich coming from someone as disturbed AND disturbING as you.