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Default Where's everybody gone?

"pearl" wrote in message
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"pearl" wrote in message
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"pearl" wrote in message
On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:29:31 +0100, "William"

"nemo" wrote in message

This place isn't anywhere near as busy as when I was here
about two years or so ago, and the ones that are left aren't
the same posters. Where's Pearl

Present and correct, but busy elsewhere for the moment.

There's been lots happening while you've been gone.

Hello Pearl. Haven't seen you for ages! I've missed quite a bit, and tbh I
missed quite a bit when I was here anyway.

. Yeah, that can happen. Justifies frequent repetition I guess.

Oasis of peace and sanity in this raging world - very good idea.

I like listening to music through earphones with my eyes closed more
than I used to.

For real.

Sometimes it's the only oasis that's around. Power napping?

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