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Default Where's everybody gone?

William wrote:

"Leif Erikson" wrote in message

William wrote:

"Leif Erikson" wrote in message

William wrote:

I wasn't talking about Lesley. I was talking about Pearl,

That's lesley, you dummy. "pearl" is her ****witted pseudonym.

Sorry. I didn't know that.

She is anything but a pearl; more like a

jagged piece of broken glass from a cheap bottle of beer.


and having an open mind about her beliefs.

You don't really mean to have an open mind about them, dumb-ass. What you mean is
to be predisposed to accept them because they're new-age kooky.

Apart from a few items on that list I'm open-minded the rest and
believe some of them.

Exactly. You are predisposed to accepting at face value any new-age kooky bullshit
that appears to go against common sense, and that plays to your perverse need to be
"different". You misinterpret this as "open-mindedness". It isn't

I agree - it isn't "open-mindedness." Being open-minded is all about being
receptive of others' ideas and beliefs.

No, that is *NOT* what being open-minded is, but it is
what you are. But you don't mean just any "others".
They have to be others like you: counter-culture
new-age nitwits.

You, on the other hand, are not
receptive of others' ideas and beliefs. You are closed-minded.

No, I'm not closed minded. I'm skeptical. That isn't
being closed-minded.

- it's anything but that. What it is is bias toward kookiness.

Any time some dope
like you starts lecturing about open mindedness, it quickly becomes apparent that
you are anything but that. You are, rather, a true believer - a ****wit, in other

lesley believes in a whole list of weird, irrational, anti-scientific fairy tales:

She says she doesn't,

She's a born liar.

If born liars exist

lesley is one.

"zero point field" (GUFFAW!)

I've been vegan for over two years now and doing great by it.

"inner earth beings"
"hollow earth"
that goofy patent for a MANUFACTURED globe
helium-inflated number(s) for feed:beef
rain forest destruction
Brazil's exports (based on *Argentina's* trade)
Stolen French flying saucer
Foot massage (as cure-all)
Alien abduction

I very much doubt that.

I thought you were open minded?

You can doubt things while being open-minded about them.

You're not being honestly open-minded about it.

Polar fountains
Sun gazing
AIDS and ebola conspiracy theory
Crop circles
sexually aroused by violent ex-convicts

Yeah right.

She was married to a ****ing British skinhead, you idiot! The guy was an
ex-convict. He was a skinhead when she hooked up with him. That's *why* she got
together with him: she was aroused by it.

You can't possibly know all that. Soryy, but I don't believe you.

I do know all of it. She went out of town, and he got
into her computer and started posting, right here in
this newsgroup - a lot of wild, violence-tinged stuff.
He found and began posting in some skinhead-oriented
groups as well. Here is his post: He was using her computer
and her pseudonym at that time, "lilweed".

You see, you're not open-minded at all. I'm giving you
evidence, and you just dismiss it because you're a
counter-culture new-age kook, and you feel a natural
sympathy with another of your kind. That's
closed-mindedness, pal.

You see? You're not open-minded at all.

participation in skinhead subculture
the validity of online IQ tests
crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theories
Jeff Rense for "news"
long-debunked legends about "ageless wonders"

As for all the rest, they're all weird beliefs that fly in the face of logic and
common sense and science, and that's *why* you believe in them.

I see the emphasis you put on 'why', and I disagree with those
reasons. I'm not a vegan just because it flies in the face of
common sense.

You're a "vegan" (quotes of derision) because it feeds
your need to be "different". You're an unaccomplished
nobody loser, and you're one among millions. Your ego
needs something to make you feel "special", so you went
out and found something.