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Default Where's everybody gone?

pearl wrote:

"Leif Erikson" wrote in message

Didn't I say you were lying when you said you wouldn't respond to me?

Your ongoing crap.

Oh-ho! So, then - the list *isn't* crap, since you
responded to it.

"zero point field" (GUFFAW!)
"inner earth beings"
"hollow earth"
that goofy patent for a MANUFACTURED globe
helium-inflated number(s) for feed:beef
rain forest destruction
Brazil's exports (based on *Argentina's* trade)
Stolen French flying saucer
Foot massage (as cure-all)
Alien abduction
Polar fountains
Sun gazing
AIDS and ebola conspiracy theory
Crop circles
sexually aroused by violent ex-convicts
participation in skinhead subculture
the validity of online IQ tests
crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theories
Jeff Rense for "news"
long-debunked legends about "ageless wonders"

archived evidence of the above: