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Default Where's everybody gone?

the Slut of Cork blabbered:
"Leif Erikson" wrote in message
pearl wrote:
On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:29:31 +0100, "William" wrote:

"nemo" wrote in message

This place isn't anywhere near as busy as when I was here
about two years or so ago, and the ones that are left aren't
the same posters. Where's Pearl

Present and correct, but busy elsewhere for the moment.

There's been lots happening while you've been gone.

Yes, I added several items to my wacky ****witted list,
the most recent being the laughable "zero point field":

"zero point field" (GUFFAW!)

What exactly do you know about it, foolish ball?

What do *you* know about it, slut, apart from having scanned that silly
book that your pal wrote, and that the science editor of the Times of
London disparaged as pseudo-scientific BULLSHIT?

- What are your qualifications in any related field?

I don't claim specific expertise in science. My expertise is in
spotting the worthless horseshit spew of ANTI-science fruitcakes like
you - the quackery promoted by charlatan foot-rubbing whores. You have
ZERO qualification in science, but you pretend to have quite a lot.
You DO NOT read the scientific literature; you CANNOT read it.

You continually post this ridiculous ad hominem

No ad hominem. You believe in every bit of this bullshit, below.

I will not be responding to the troll's ongoing crap.

Yes, you will. You can't help yourself.

You believe in

"zero point field" (GUFFAW!)
"inner earth beings"
"hollow earth"
that goofy patent for a MANUFACTURED globe
helium-inflated number(s) for feed:beef
rain forest destruction
Brazil's exports (based on *Argentina's* trade)
Stolen French flying saucer
Foot massage (as cure-all)
Alien abduction
Polar fountains
Sun gazing
AIDS and ebola conspiracy theory
Crop circles
sexually aroused by violent ex-convicts
participation in skinhead subculture
the validity of online IQ tests
crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theories
Jeff Rense for "news"
long-debunked legends about "ageless wonders"

archived evidence of the above: