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Default Fermented Pickle Disaster

I made a small batch of fermented pickles, pretty much like dozens of
others in the past but something went seriously wrong.

I started it about two weeks ago and tasted one after a week and it was
fine and about what I would expect after a week.

Last night I cut one and it was just a hollow tube. What seeds and pulp
left was just a thin layer on the inside of the shell. I check a few
more and they were all the same and then noted that they were all floating.

My process is the same as my sauer kraut recipe
in which I just substitute pickles for cabbage. I have never had
anything but wonderful pickles doing this until now.

Any ideas?


p.s. this is a test of my isp news server. I am also posting it from
Google and would like to hear from anyone who only sees the google version.


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