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Default Smoking Salmon

On 8-Jul-2006, Sonoran Dude wrote:

tmfast wrote:
Hey all,
I am looking for some fresh new opinions on how to smoke salmon in a
vertical water smoker. I have "a weber smoky mountain". I have seen all
their advise on their bullet site.
I dont like the brown sugar brine, I can taste it. don't like it. I use

lump with alder chunks, but still tastes like charcoal, not that smoky.
time I just did a sal****er brine for 1 hr, let it dry for 2 hrs. Smoked
over lump & a few alder chunks for 3 hrs. Better, as there is no sugar
taste. Still taste like coal. I am trying to get as close to the salmon
find in those small packages from Alaska.
Does anyone have any advise?

I used the brown sugar cure on the bullet site and it was terrific. Only
I was out of space on my bullet so I cooked it on the top rack of a gas
grill with some foiled chips. It was delicious and cooked probably
quicker because of the direct heat... you need to throughly wash the
salt cure from the fillet very well before you proceed with the final

For the type of salmon you want you may want to search for hot smoked
salmon recipe.

"Smoke & Spice" by Cheryl and Bill Jamison contains 5 recipes for smoked
salmon. You can get a copy from "Amazon" without leaving your house. List
price is $32.95. It's a good addition to anyone's bookshelf.

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