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Default Grenache........

Bill, then the Grenache contribution to the blend is 1.5 lugs?

Steve noobie

On Fri, 07 Jul 2006 03:27:33 GMT, "William Frazier"

A fellow in our wine club make an excellent, fruity wine using central
valley grapes that are shipped to the Kansas City area every fall. His
blend is 3 lugs Syrah, 2 lugs Grenache and 1 lug Carignane. He cold soaks
all crushed grapes 3 days before pitching yeast. He sets 1/2 of the
Grenache juice aside to make a rose. All are fermented separately and are
blended after malo lactic fermentation. I grow my own grapes but his wine
is so good I'm tempted to make his recipe from California grapes this year.

Bill Frazier
Olathe, Kansas USA

wrote in message
Perhaps it's a bit early, but I'm starting to think of this falls grape
purchase and crush. Last years Cab. Sauv./ Zin blend is showing
promise. This year I want to try some Rhone grapes I've been thinking.
Has anyone had any luck with Central Valley Shiraz or Grenache? Thanks
for your replys.......Andy j.