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Default "Grappling with grappa".

Adam Funk wrote in news:4ofdn3-00k.ln1,00.html

-- Grappa does, indeed, carry the odour of a heavy hangover,
-- the sort that forces stinking, unprocessed alcohol out
-- through your pores in an all-over body burp. Apparently,
-- Italo Calvino thought it appropriate only for "defrocked
-- priests, unemployed bookkeepers and husbands that have been
-- cuckolded". Perhaps the kindest thing I've heard said about
-- it - and this must be the extremeness of the alcohol level -
-- is that it smells like skin-toner.

I'm glad I read this *after* the trip to Italy.

Put it through a Britta water filter about four times and it should be
right (you will have to ditch the filter afterwards though.)

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