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Default Convection microwave vs reg microwave and toaster oven?

I will be a college student soon

That means moving furnishings back forth between home
and apartment at school

I will be an adult college student so living alone in
apartment... NOT in dorm

Should I shun buying a bigger heaver more expensive
combo convection microwave over say a cheap reg
microwave and toaster oven?

Will the two cheaper units (toaster oven, reg
microwave)..... do everything a combo oven will do?

You see the combo ovens are bulkier and heavier as don't want to have to haul that around if


If it were me, I'd go with the micro/convec. We have a GE
Profile combo unit, albiet a built-in over range model.

No, the micro and toaster oven can't do everything that a
micro/convec can but a micro/convec can do all of what the
other two can and more. BUT, maybe not as fast in the case
of the toaster oven.

I'd probably go with a micro/convec *and* a toaster oven.

Micro/convec can obviously do normal micro functions
It can do regular oven functions
It can do both at the same time
A lot of the combos have pre-programed "sensor cook" type
functions. Ours has them and I just put chicken or whatever
in and hit the "sensor cook chicken" button and it handles
figuring out how long to cook it, powerlevels, etc. It does
a pretty good job at it. The chicken comes out done and the
skin is crispy. As for roasts, ours has a temp prob so I
use that for them and take them to -5 or -10dF of the final
required internal temp and then let them rest. Again -
decent browning.

Advantage: You can do roasts, chicken, turkey, etc in the
micro/convec in probably 50-55% of the standard oven time
BUT you still get browning which definately improves the
taste as well as the looks.

If you have the time and want to use it as a "normal" oven
without any microwave, you can. Cassoroles, lasagna, mac &
cheese, yada yada yada...

BUT, the oven function of a micro/convec is not as fast as a
toaster oven for things like warming pizza, doing bagles,
etc, so that's why I'd opt to have a toaster oven as well if

Just my 2 cents...