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Karen O'Mara
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Default egg sizes / different uses?

OSPAM (JLove98905) wrote in message ...
I always buy "large" or "jumbo" eggs. I never really think about it. What are
some uses for smaller eggs?

My coworker provides me with eggs. She has two chickens, "Chicken
Little" and "Amber."

Chicken Little's eggs are tiny! (They're so cute!) And, Amber's eggs
are big and brown.

I like the small eggs when making fried eggs. Two are just the right
amount for one person. (Don't you ever wish you had just a little more
than one fried egg, but not two?)

Anyway, I love the small eggs. I'm not much of a baker, so I don't
worry about measurements that often. If I need a large egg, and only
have tiny ones, I just use two.