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Default 100% Natural?

Gunther Anderson wrote:
> Steve Johnsenson wrote:
>> Dr. HotSalt wrote:
>>> Steve Johnsenson wrote:
>>>> "filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural citric
>>>> acid, natural flavors, natural potassium citrate"
>>>> just keep tacking the word natural on the front of everything....

>>>> whatever happened to good old fashioned sugar anyway?

>>> Too hard to synthesize.

>> How's that?

It was a JOAK!!11!!!

>> Are there any soft drinks distributed in the U.S. that use real sugar?

> Apparently, the real reason is the farm subsidies pad to corn growers,
> which makes corn amazingly inexpensive to produce. So corn sugar
> becomes significantly cheaper than cane sugar, which is why it's
> everywhere now, and why corn is the standard cattle feed now, even
> though it's nt all that good for cows.

Yes indeed. **** you very much, Arthur Daniels Midland et al.

Corn isn't all that good a food for humans either; remember Chiun
forbade Remo to use it and talked about its "seductive lure".

> But I have no idea if there are any major sodas that use sugar. I'd
> expect that plenty of small, boutique or regional makers use sugar, if
> for no better reason than to distinguish themselves from the majors.

Here in PHX AZ you can go to certain "Mexican Stores" and buy Coke
imported from Mexico; it's made with cane sugar and tastes like Coke
used to before corn sugar took over.

Dr. HotSalt