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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

"Matthew L. Martin" > wrote in message
> Dee Randall wrote:
> Snipped stuff about hi/lo broil.
>> Thanks, Steve, for answering. Maybe someone will know something more.

> If you don't have hi/lo broil you can simulate it by changing the distance
> from the elements to the food.
> My GE wall ovens have hi/lo broil. I've only used the hi setting. I don't
> see a need for the lo setting.
> Matthew (it's a gimmick, IMHO)

I may have found the answer:
Hi-Lo Broil (Quick Set IV and up) gives you the capability of reducing the
oven temperature during the broil function. It is featured on most
electronic model ovens. Hi Broil functions at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. and
gives a quicker broiling to sear in natural food juices. Lo Broil functions
at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. and gives a slower broiling to ensure doneness
without drying out the food.

Ovens without this feature, (Quick Set III, II and I) broil at 550 degrees

But I'm not sure what Quick Set is.

Dee Dee