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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

Dee Randall wrote:
>>We're on our second GE Profile smoothtop, this one a two-oven
>>model, and recommend them.

>>-- Larry

> Hi Larry,
> What can you tell me about this particular featu Hi/Low Broil - and how
> it works and its advantages.
> I won't be purchasing the tri-convection, but I see that hi/Low Broil
> feature is not the regular GE Profile or the similar Kenmore, which I am
> considering probably the Kenmore.
> Also it seems out-of-character not to have a hi/low broil feature on the GE
> Profile or similar Kenmore, when I see a similar quality Fridgidaire does
> have the feature.
> Thanks, Larry,
> Dee Dee

I'm slightly confused Dee (but that's rather normal ;-) )

I have a freestanding GE Profile smoothtop with oven and it
dies in fact have a hi/low broil feature. Honestly, I
haven't really used it much because when I want that much
heat I usually do it on my Weber gas grill. I "assume" that
the difference between hi and low broil setting is the
temperature but I don't know what temps equate to the settings.