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Sheryl Rosen
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Default egg sizes / different uses?

in article , Bob (this one) at
wrote on 4/11/04 6:51 PM:

> JLove98905 wrote:
>> I always buy "large" or "jumbo" eggs. I never really think about it. What are
>> some uses for smaller eggs?

> The very small ones are broken for pasteurized and frozen
> distribution. The rest can be found at retail.
> Uses include neighbors' cars, mailboxes, windows and picnic contests.
> There are others. What do you use them for?
> Pastorio

one of the markets in my area was selling a carton with 3 dozen small eggs
for $1.49

People were snatching them up. One lady behind me had 2 boxes. That's 72
eggs! I looked at her, must have had a quizzical look on my face because she
told me that she always has her kids and their friends dye eggs at her
house, and small eggs were good enough for that.

Heck, I had just bought 18 large eggs for 1.79, which was a bargain to me
until I saw that. If I had room to store that 3 dozen carton, I'd have
grabbed it, too.