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Default coconut cream/coconut milk

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hahabogus wrote:
Coconut milk is made out of water and freshly shredded coconut
flesh. The water is filtered thru the shredded coconut. This is
easily made at home, but involves the hard work of getting the meat
out of the coconut and shredding it , plus a cloth bag to use as a
filter and a bowl to collect the drippings. It takes overnight. I
have read recipes for the making of it but never tried it myself
(too lazy I guess).

Tips to make it easier:

The coconut will have 3 spots or eyes forming a little face at one
They're the place that's soft and easy to break into. You can use
screwdriver. Empty the coconut water through there. (Strain this,
cool and drink it.)

Crack the coconut by taking it outside and throwing it against the
sidewalk. When it breaks into pieces, pick them up. Put them in the
oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes. As the coconut meat contracts
from the heat, the hard outer shell stays the same size. This
makes it easier to separate the white fleshy part from the inedible
Use the same screwdriver.

Put the white coconut meat in the cuisinart with a steel blade. Add
boiling water. Process. Skip the cheesecloth and use a regular
metal strainer. Push through with a spoon. It won't take overnight,
a few minutes max. I stop after the first pressing, but you could
take what's leftover (someone provide the word, please), add more hot
water and process again in the cuisinart. Press again.

Perhaps a food mill would work better than pressing thru a metal strainer.
But this method doesn't remove the dark skin on the coconut flesh. The old
way would be cracking the coconut in half with the back side of a machette
and using a toothed device to shred the flesh while still inside the
hardened outer shell.

Mash would be the word.

The liquid you've extracted is the milk, and like milk, the cream
will rise to the top for use in recipes.

And now a confession: I prefer the canned stuff! To me, it tastes
more coconutty. This is one of those rare instances where I prefer
the artificial product to the real thing.


A good brand would not be "artificial" and would not contain anything
but the coconut cream or coconut milk, with possibly a few
preservatives. I agree, it's definitely easier.

Once during Prohibition I was forced to live for days on nothing but food
and water.