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Default Pizza stone dough not cooking through!

You're not heating your stone long enough. You must be baking at
too low a temp. You have to heat your stone for at least 45 minutes at 500F.
Do you have one of those cheap thin pizza stones that don't carry the heat?
Bake pizza for about 6 minutes at 550F. Check this with one of those cheap
oven thermometers, not on your dial on the stove.
There may be a problem with your dough. What is your dough recipe? Good
pizza dough should be moist and almost sticky. Real Julia about this.
Good Luck

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I'm preheating my stone and cooking for 10 minutes, (the cheese is a
bubbly golden brown) still the dough will not cook through except for
around the edges. The rest of the pizza is a gummy dough texture. I
would cook it longer except for fear of burning the toppings. What the
heck am I missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,