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Sheryl Rosen
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Default Good stock pots for boiling water on ceramic top range

in article , Peter Lampione
wrote on 10/6/03 1:14 AM:

2) Not all metals used for cooking are good conductors: stainless steel
is a poor conductor, while aluminum or copper are much better.
Since I want to heat the water, rather than the air around it,
the best pot would be one whose bottom is very conductive, and whose
sides are not good conductors (to keep the water inside warm, instead
of heating the air). This would call for an aluminum (or copper) bottom,
and stainless steel sides.
Pots that use good heat conductors in the sides do so for cooking
roasts or other food; for heating water, it's not only not needed,
but (very slightly) counterproductive.

Ahhh...another argument against All-Clad!

overpriced, overkill...and actually, not even necessary!