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Default Good stock pots for boiling water on ceramic top range

"Peter Lampione" wrote in message
What are the best pots for boiling water quickly over
a smooth ceramic glass top electic stove?

The pot needs to be lightweight (less mass to heat), except
that the bottom has to be flat, and as good a heat conductor
as possible.

While I'll admit that I love my All-Clad, I'll be damned if I'm gonna go out
and spend $300
for a stockpot.
I recently picked up a stainless, 12 quart stockpot at Kitchens Etc. for
Brand name is 'Progressive'.
Light enough to heat quickly, but heavy enough that things shouldn't burn
too easily, assuming heat is
kept at moderate levels.
I assume you'll be using it for pasta and the like, in which case, I can't
recommend anything better
for the price.