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Default White Tuna (Escolar)

"Dan Logcher" wrote in message
Norman Leonski wrote:
Well, I've now been introduced to escolar. I had two pieces of what was
labeled as "White Tuna" at about 7 pm and by 10 pm that evening to 5 am
the following morning, I lived in the small room next to my bedroom.
Good God! I won't be doing THAT again.

Wow, sorry to hear that. I am fortunate enough to be able to digest
this fish.

The fish itself was delicious. It was so tender and flavorful, I'm
really sorry that I won't be tasting it again.

Good luck to those who have a resistance to the problems with this

I've eaten quite a bit in one sitting with no ill effects.


How many pieces would you guess you ate at one sitting?
I have never had a bad reaction but my personal record
is only 3 pieces as a taste test.