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Default Did Mateus change its formula?

Leo Bueno wrote in

Earlier in the week, to illustrate a couple of points, I took some
Mateus Rose to my wine class.

I have not tried the stuff in probably more than 25 years, but I
remembered it fondly, as it was the product that piqued my interest in

I recall (using the terminology I later learned) it being a light
fruity and fairly well-balanced wine. Nothing to right home about,
but quite acceptable.

We tasted blindly--and even poured the Mateus into an empty bottle so
that the bottle shape would not clue the students.

To my surprise, the stuff was too sweet, in effect no different from a
White Zinfandel.

Just wondering whether my romanticized impression of the old Mateus
was correct or whether Mateus changed its formula along to the way to
appeal to the White Zinfandel crowd.

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I remember it being pretty sweet, but I would have to try it again to
even come clsoe to a guess.

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