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Default "replace old faithful ethanol with a cocktail of drugs"

-- Sinister moves are afoot to replace old faithful ethanol
-- with a cocktail of drugs engineered to mimic its effects.
-- Bristol professor David Nutt reckons chemicals called
-- partial agonists offer a turn off the Yellow Puke Road and
-- into beerless drugtopia.
-- He claims: "The benefits to society could be so
-- profound."
-- The technology, mooted in The Journal of Psychopharmacology,
-- hijacks receptors in the brain called GABA-As. These

Not gabba-gabba-As?

-- signallers are associated with the positive effects of drink
-- like confidence, openness and inflated sense of one's own
-- attractiveness. Some of the many subtypes are responsible
-- for less desirable behaviours; falling over, aggression,
-- karaoke.
-- Nutt's plan is to target only the benefits with a potent mix
-- of partial agonists that wouldn't press the negative
-- buttons. What's more, the drunkard's compulsory attempt at
-- sobering up by chomping spoonfuls of dry Gold Blend would be
-- replaced by a hit of an instant antidote drug called
-- flumazenil.
-- While liver failure admissions to casualty would doubtless
-- plummet, surely such a endless, risk free intoxication is
-- the greatest threat to civilisation since bird flu.
-- Drugged-up worker's productivity would crash, roads would be
-- chaos, gangs of jobless landlords would maraud through
-- Britain's fine market towns.
-- Perhaps more importantly, the universal Yin Yang of pleasure
-- pain would be subverted if a night on the tiles wasn't
-- followed by a morning on the toilet.