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Default Need New Orleans Restaurant recommendations

On Sat, 08 Apr 2006 23:13:48 -0500, Skyhooks >

>Robin Lake wrote:

>P.S. I can recommend Mandina's Restaurant <>, but I
>don't know their status since "Kate" (a.k.a. Hurricane Katrina) passed
>through their area August 29, 2005.

As of mid March, Mandina's was far from reopening. The French
Quarter, Garden District, and upper Carroliton, near the river, are
pretty much back.

The area around Mandina's, Mid City, had 5ft of water so nothing is
basically back there. I'm originally from the Mid City area and still
have family there. Or what is left of the area. You can go blocks
without seeing a living soul to this day. My aunt was "lucky" and is
back in her house because it is a 2 story house with the first story
having been garages so only one car, washer and dryer, and everything
else one keeps in a garage was lost. A son of her's and his family
had to move back in with her as he lost everything. At 50 he is not
too happy about it but... enough of my family.

I'm back down there this week so I'll look for open places and report
back here if I get the chance. One of the big problems the New
Orleans area is facing is the lack of workers. Even in areas were
there was little or no water many restaurants have not reopened
because they can't get the staff. I know that in my parents area,
Jefferson, that many restaurants are just now opening with shorten
hours. Mickey Ds was actually bringing in workers from out of state
to reopen many of its locations. They and many other fast food chains
all had signs out that they would pay $12+ an hour for help plus a
signing incentive of up to $250 in some cases. Corporations can do
this but the locals can't.

Back to the original question. Yes call before you go. The French
Quarter, Garden District and parts of upper Carroliton by the river
are back but the rest will take a long time if ever.