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Default Need New Orleans Restaurant recommendations

Robin Lake wrote:

Ryan wrote:
Hello all,
I will be visiting New Orleans in a few weeks, and would like some
restaurant recommendations.I am looking for restaurants in the French
Quarter that serve good, authentic Cajun/Creole cuisine.
I was there last Summer for a couple of days, and didn't really eat at
any of those types of restaurants. Any and all advice about current New
Orleans conditions would be appreciated. as well. Private emails are OK
Thanks in advance!


Suggest you check into the Website of the N.O.
Times-Picaunne (sp?).

Rob Lake

It might also be wise to phone ahead before going to any restaurant in
New Orleans. It's very possible that a particular restaurant might not
have re-opened (yet) due to damage from Hurricane Katrina (?).

s b c g l o b a l
n e t

P.S. I can recommend Mandina's Restaurant, but I
don't know their status since "Kate" (a.k.a. Hurricane Katrina) passed
through their area August 29, 2005.