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Eric Jorgensen
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Default Request - Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 15:36:42 GMT
"Vox Humana" wrote:

I haven't seen that show. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing
a new show this weekend on Food TV. The hostess was from some magazine
and she was a complete spaz. It was too painful to watch for more
than 10 minutes. There wasn't a single redeeming feature about the
show. Looking at the schedule, the show was "Good food Fast with
Family Circle." What a horror!

What, you mean Sarah Molton? I'm sure 'executive chef' must be a
purely honorary title at 'Gourmet Magazine'.

Yeah, I remember how dumbfounded i was when she said, "now, if you have
problems with lumps in your roux, you can just use a flat whisk like i
do to get rid of the lumps"

I had to rewind with the tivo a couple times to make sure i hadn't
mis-heard it, and then call my buddy Clint to ask if he'd ever, ever had
a lump in his roux, 'cause i sure hadn't.

I don't go around calling myself a cook, let alone a chef. And *i
could have told you that if you get lumps in your roux, you need to slow
the heck down (or apply more heat) and wait until the water content in
your fat (butter, in this case) boils off. Flat whisk. what a maroon.

How hard can it be? You wait until it stops bubbling. At that point, if
you're sure the heat is still on and it hasn't stopped bubbling purely
because it's gone cold, you can safely add your starch.

I tell you, it was worse than the first time i saw that 'perfect
pancake' commercial, and had to watch it again in slow motion to figure
out how they managed to fold the pancake.

"Does this ever happen to you?!" "Uh, what? No. That never happens to
me. Wait a minute, how DID you do that?"

For the record, they first make the rookie mistake of flipping too
soon, and then, if you watch closely, you can see how the actress
rotates the spatula in her hand and then brings it down with
considerable force, flexing the flat of it against the folded pancake.
It actually looks like it must have taken some practice to get it right.
The torn pancake was just flipped too soon and cooked on too hot of a