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Default Cherry coal producing factoid

"Dave Bugg" wrote in message
Denny Wheeler wrote:

I'd be interested in Dave Bugg's input on this--I know he has, and
uses, cherry wood. (along with apple, maple, and other fruitwoods;
Wenatchee is kind of a major fruit-growing center)

Oak and hickory seem to produce higher btu than cherry and apple.


Higher Btu? Does that mean you get more heat from them than the Btu's on
the bottom?

In wood, you can usually translate the weight of the wood to a given number
of Btu. Most cases, that is about 7,000 per pound. Dryness and density are
the factors here. Cherry, although a hardwood, is not as dense as oak or
hickory, thus a given sized log will produce less heat than the others of
the same size. One can work as well as the other, you just have to feed
more volume for the same heat output.