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Default Cherry coal producing factoid

Mike "Piedmont" ) opined:

George B. Ross wrote:
I received a truckload of cherry wood from a friend last
fall (cut and split, he is a great guy!) and decided to
use some this past weekend. I've used cherry before for
flavor, mixing in oak for and lump for heat, but this is
the first time I decided to use cherry and lump only. It
was a real struggle to keep the Klose up to temp with just
cherry logs. I was feeding a log into to the fire chamber
every 30 minutes, twice as often as with oak or hickory.

I will continue to use cherry for flavoring, but will
supliment it with oak or hickory for heat.


Hey George! Still living in Granger? Cherry isn't nearly as
dense as oak or hickory so it will burn up quicker. As far
as flavor goes, I never did find cherry by itself to be
pleasant but when I mixed it with oak it was a very good

In Mishawaka, not far off!

After a bit of digging, found some BTU info for various woods:

Hickory, Shagbark: 27,500
Apple: 27,000
Maple: 25,500
Oak, Red: 24,600
Cherry, Black: 20,400

with all but apple listed as "Excellent" coal producing and it
was "Good".

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