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"craftydragon1951" wrote in message
I'm new to this group. I like to experiment with recipes and don't
like to measure. G

I was in the recipes group but they are only recipes or requests for
recipes -- how boring.


I tend not to measure, either, unless it's a new recipe that I want to try,
or something where exact measurements are more important. Or I might measure
some ingredients but not others. Depends on what it is. I usually start off
breads with about a cup of water, because I know I'll end up with a loaf
that's about the right size.

And there are things that are sort of self-measuring, like eggs or garlic
cloves where you can just count them without doing a precise measurement and
it's close enough. Or when a recipe requires a can of something.

Spices, though, I tend to toss them in by taste. Which makes some sense,
considering that with spices, there can be a lot of variation in the
strength, depending on what brand, how old, etc. So unless you're recreating
your own recipe with the same spices, measuring may not give the same

So...what do you like to cook?