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Default Cherry Wine

As you are interested in a melomel you might post on the sister group:

Supposedly, sour cherries are best if you can get them. Living in south
Texas cherries are not readily available but for about 2 weeks a year sweet
eating cherries drop down to about a $100 a pound. I have made several
batches of cherry wine (6-8 lbs per gallon) with these and they came out
great. They blend very nicely with a robust red grape wine. But when
making melomels I generally cut the fruit at least in half and sometimes
down to 20% of the fruit I would use in regular wine so the fruit does not
completely overpower the honey.

I would not use a real mild honey. Probably something with a little bite so
it can compete with the cherries, but nothing too dark. You do not want a
caramel taste.

Droopy's recommendation is a good one. Pick up a copy of Ken Schramm's
book. I like it because he give an excellent discussion of the character
and advantages of many different kinds of honey and he really covers
methodology rather than recipes.


"Droopy" wrote in message
Ken Schramm has a whole chapter on cherry melomels in the Compleat

IIRC he prefers sour cherry varieites...and there is a recipe for
Oblacinska cherry melomel in it.

I make mine with cherries off of my grandma's Morello cherry tree
spiked with some dried Bings and fresh raniers

Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
I am thinking of making a cherry melomel this year, but it has been a
long time since I have done so and I don't remember the best type of
to buy and when they are in season. Also, I really don't know the best
to buy for this purpose. Can anybody set me on the right track?


Thomas T. Veldhouse
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