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Default Any suggestions?

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"Kathryn" wrote:

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On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 21:33:06 GMT, "Kathryn" wrote:
because my silly mother comes up with a new

Why don't you ask her to BRING her new whatever and you concentrate on
the main course.

That would defeat her purpose, and she ALWAYS prepares the main course.
She likes to give each of us 3 ingredients to work with, and each person
will have a different list, and then we see how each recipe comes together
to fit her theme and see what each family has came up with. I suppose it's
her way of making us be creative in our cooking, and have a little fun, and
she doesn't have to cook everything too!
Like I said..... she's silly. And we like to humor her too!

What a gas! Sounds like fun. What's the Theme Of The Day -- besides
the Resurrection of Christ? "-)
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