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Default All Clad cookie sheets

Pete C. wrote:

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Pete C. wrote:

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Has anyone used All Clad cookie sheets? I'm thinking of getting some,
but would like to see what other people's experiences have been. There
are two options: stainless steel or gold plated stainless. They both
cost the same. I currently have aluminum cookie sheets, which I'm happy
with except it doesn't take too long before they become kind of ratty
because they aren't non-reactive. Stainless seems like it might be
a reasonable alternative. It's more expensive, but I wouldn't have
to keep replacing them as they got yucky.

Stainless steel sucks for bakeware, only thing worse is glass. Why not
take a hint from what professional bake shops use, plain old carbon
steel, and never scrub them back to shiny, the blacker they get the


I've been at a few pro bake shops and all I've ever seen is AL, lots and
lots of AL baking sheets stacked in lots of the nice rolling racks.
These were all for cookies BTW, I spent a few evenings backing about
5,000 cookies once. While blackened steel pans may be good for a lot of
things they generally seem to suck for baking, particularly cookies as
they tend to burn the bottom of the cookie before the rest is baked.

Pete C.

I had to buy no sided cookies sheets to use in the convection oven and
chose AL air bake cookie sheets. I'm happy with their performance so far.

The AL baking sheets I was using had sides, and we lined them with
parchment paper sheets. They were baked in a big Hobart double stack
convection oven. We also had a perforated version of the pans for
cooling once the cookies were cool enough to remove from the parchment.

Pete C.

The instructions for my oven said to use non-sided baking sheets when
using convection. Maybe they are in cohoots with the cookie sheet
manufactures At any rate, I needed new cookie sheets anyway and knew
the new stove would be convection so I waited until the new stove was
installed and bought the recommended bakeware. I don't make a whole lot
of cookies. The cookie sheets get used for a lot of other
baking/roasting though.