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Doug Freyburger
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Default waterless cookware

LET wrote:
> notbob wrote:
> > Waterless cookware is a total scam. It does absolutely nothing
> > any other cookware can't do.

Not quite. It takes very good quality cookware to pull off waterless
cooking, so it does eliminate all low quality products. It also takes
a good sealing cover, so it eliminates all products with poor covers.

That still leaves almost any top quality cookware being capable of
waterless cooking.

Waterless cooking itself is far more work without tasting far better,
so doing it is a marketing gimic. It actually displays that fact
that your cookware is perhaps in the top third of the products out
on the market but folks who've never seen it done will think it
eliminates far more than that.

> I agree that the "state fair" prices represent a scam, but then I only paid
> $135 for a complete set. We've been using them for several years.

Faire prices are always higher for everything, but I've never seen
them elsewhere. One brand is West Bend, so I tried
and they only list gadgets like electric skillets, mass market stuff.

Where have folks purchased waterless cookware other then fairs?
Are there sources other than Ebay? I bought some at a fair in my
first marriage and the last time I saw them they still looked like
new even having spent most of a decade cycling through the
dishwasher. I miss them.