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Default Newbie Q's

I've heard of it, but I go to the Market Basket in Brookfield for all my
supplies. I don't know much about the wine club there, but if you're close
I'd check into it. There is a wine club on the south side of Milwaukee
County, but I live way up on the north side of Milwaukee in Washington
County. Welcome.
Germantown, WI

"Bulletsnbrains" wrote in message
Hi Darlene,

Have you been to the Wine and Hop shop on Monroe St. in Madison? I've seen
in their web site that they also have a vineyard. Just curious how
"active" the club is in the area.


"Dar V" wrote in message
Another Wisconsonite.
Germantown, WI

"Bulletsnbrains" wrote in message
I made wine 20 years ago with fruit. But my 18 yr old son has convinced
me to get back into winemaking. (Soon beer too) I bought a basic kit from
the and also purchased a lg #10 can of "Vintner's Harvest
Raspberry" concentrate. I found the directions vague on excatly how much
concentrate to use for a 1 gallon batch. If this can, can make as much as
5 gal, then would I just use 19oz? The directions call out a 3 gal and 5
gal batch's with the whole can. Any feedback would be welcome.

Could any one point out a FAQ link for this NG?