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Default Bred fruit and vegies [Was: Mango Imports from India.]

Yogi Gupta wrote:

I agree with the following:
"In an international forum it is impossible to know what may offend
someone somewhere."
In my opinion, it puts a burden on the contributor to choose words with

I disagree with:
" The best guide for the reader is to look at the context. It is
usually pretty clear whether an insult is intended or not if one
doesn't go off half-cocked. "
It blames the reader and exonerates the contributor of any

I will take your suggestion.
Please accept my apologies for going 'half-cocked' when I read the
racial slur 'Paki'.

Let me apply the logic further, the 'N'-word is just an abbreviation.
We should use the actual word whenever we communicate.

Have a good day.

Oh come on, don't be so coy! What is the 'N'-word, pray tell?
Nincompoop? Nitwit? Ninny? Is it some racial slur I haven't yet
encountered? Worse, is it a gender slur? I warn you, call me a laydee
and you're for the high jump, mate.

Out with it man, don't be such a wuss, we're all adults here (I think).

And while we're at it, I don't like your impertinent habit of ordering
readers to "have a good day". How dare you tell people what to do, and
in such blatantly Yank terminology. We don't say things like that here,
the insincerity is too stomach churning for most of us. This is an
international forum and I'll thank you to choose your words with more
care, not to mention keep to yourself your views of how people should
conduct their private lives. Phred is entitled to have whatever sort of
day he likes.

Have whatever sort of day seems most appropriate to you.