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Default Bred fruit and vegies [Was: Mango Imports from India.]

In article .com,
"Yogi Gupta" wrote:
I am calm. I did mean to say 'racial' and not 'racist'. Calling it

Sorry, mate. If you were "calm" you wouldn't have terminated your
previous contribution with a bunch of erect penises. :-)

'racist' would be pre-judging the motives. Personally, I am not
offended. In a public forum, users should choose language with care.
Ethnic foods may be good, ethnic slurs should never be accepted. My
last rant in this thread.

In an international forum it is impossible to know what may offend
someone somewhere. The best guide for the reader is to look at the
context. It is usually pretty clear whether an insult is intended or
not if one doesn't go off half-cocked.

I might add, if you had actually read what I wrote previously you
would have noticed that my use of "Paki" was simply an abbreviation of
the place, not a reference to any person.

Cheers, Phred.