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Default Starbucks "African Red Bush" tea? Is it Rooibos?

Space Cowboy wrote:
PS: The lastest wrinkle in Rooibus is adding flavors just like tea.
You don't like the taste just keep adding crap till you do and tell
your friends you gave up coffee for something healthier.

I don't tell my friends that I "gave up coffee for something healthier"
.... I just tell them that I can't remember the last time I had a cup of
coffee. I've got some premium coffee in the freezer (from the Vashon
Island monastery) and a great Cuisinart coffeemaker, but it's just such
a bother to set up (not to mention clean), and I've grown to like the
many varieties of tea a lot better than I do coffee.

On rooibos, I've only had the peach-flavored rooibos from Teavana (I
like peach flavor in tea). I still don't know what rooibos tastes like
by itself, but if it were something I'd find disagreeable, I'm sure I'd
taste it through the peach flavoring.

And to answer the OP: I haven't tried it, but I'd bet real money that
Starbucks' "African Red Bush Tea" is actually rooibos. I mean, what
else could it be ... hibiscus?