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Default WW2 London cuisine question

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:49:19 +0000, Kate Dicey

Almost, though. It swam up the Themes and disrupted central London for
a while. Unfortunately it was unwell and died later.

I don't think I would eat the meat of that one. it's the same as
eating meat from suddenly dead pigs and oxes/cows, dying of some

As a child, we had whale meat for dinner quite often. Well treated it
tasted very good. But, it easily started tasting rancid fish oil if
mistreated. :-(

And when in military in 1970, we had fried whale cakes at least once a
week. Never tasted it since. It tastes almost like hamburgers, but a
kind of sweetier tang. (And, I did dislike hamburgers also for the
same reason afterwards. Tasted too alike whale meat cakes :-) (But, a
well made "medisterkake" or "karbonade" made of pure ox meat, I still
like. But, those sold as "hamburgers" containes far too much soy
proteins to make them cheap. :-(
("medisterkaker" and "karbonader" people has to make themselves at
home. Premade are just soy protein cakes with meat alike taste. :-(