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Default Wine that got you into wine?

Hi from Kinko's by Disney Woild---I vas in da usd chariot mit mine Uncle
Plinius Pinkus, ven I hat a Eureka moment, I vas having some hummus & goat
at da house of anudder uncle, Boytrides ben Reuban Earl, when he poured me a
late harvest falernum he was sellin at his cafe, Ben's Boite. Da chariot
bizness vas slow so I esked how can I sell this stuff and he gave me one his
calling rocks to take da wine brokker, Fastis Lapidias who sign me up & sent
me to East Gaul. sellin mavrodaphne and whey. Dats how I

J Murray Fefferman, world oldest fugitive as told to
"Tim O'Connor" > wrote in message
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> >
> > What wine did you first taste that caused you to think, "wow, this is

> > wine is supposed to be like!" ?
> >
> > For me, at about age 23, it was a '78 Cabernet from the now-defunct

> > Cru
> > winery in Glen Ellen, CA.

> A 1975 Rioja Gran Reserva and a pretty young lady.
> Can't remember the producer.
> Tim