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Default waterless cookware

"Dave Rasmussen" > wrote in message
> I recently started reading a little about these waterless steam cookware
> items. Alot of times now when I sort of steam/boil brocolli and such I

> the liquid for soup or something. I've never used a pressure cooker. So I
> was wondering the other day with my brisquet if I would have been ahead
> with a pressure cooker or these newfangled waterless cookware devices?
> As for oil in the pan, I usually cook with olive oil and not much. I pour
> fat off other things before I eat.

There really isn't anything special about the so-called "waterless"
cookware. You can use the same method with any reasonably heavy cookware.
A pressure cooker is another matter. I use mine pretty frequently. You can
turn a pretty tough cut of meat into a fork-tender cut in 45 minutes. These
are completely different animals. The waterless cookware is a gimmick that
is often sold by high pressure sales people for thousands of dollars and
offers nothing you can't get with good tri-ply or equivalent. A pressure
cooker is a proven way of cooking that uses water that turns into super
heated steam under pressure. You can get entry level pressure cookers for
under $50 and more advanced models for $150 and up. I would recommend
getting pressure cooker. You can use it to make stock and soup, for large
batches of brown rice, pot roasts, and if it is large enough, for canning.