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Mike Avery
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Default Suggestion: Need Name for Bakery

On 8 Nov 2003 at 12:34, Margaret Suran wrote:

Our Daily Bread

I was talking to a baker this weekend, and he said he wanted to use
that as his bakery name... shucks, every Christian religous service
would be an ad for his bakery. Most of you will remember that "Give
us this day our daily bread" is a line from the Lord's prayer.

He didn't use the name, because it was already in use.

My suggestion on the bakery name is to research the name before you
use it. I knew some people in Austin who had to change their
corporate name repeatedly because it was too close to other business

Using your name as part of the business is a good touch. Most people
start out trusting a business where the owners name is out front.
"Bob's Bakery". Of course, when you decide to sell the bakery, you
may lose the ability to use your name on other bakeries, depending on
the sales negotiations.

Geographical and/or regional names are also popular. Our bakery is
the "Colorado High Attitude Bakery". We like to say we bake with an

Good luck to the original poster,
Mike Avery
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