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Default The virgin returns

That is, flat out, the most helpful response imaginable. Much
appreciated. I get the point about acid load and why the first loaf was
sour and the second not. I'm keeping a cup or two of starter in the
fridge. will revert to the "jellybean" sized glob and start afresh each
time. And I DEFINITELY need to get some picture books - I'm lost on the
whole shaping / rounding thing. But I was considering the Kitchen Aid -
at least until I get the hang of all the other intricacies. Please
forgive me ;-)

Thanks so much - if and when I ever get a loaf that actually looks
edible, I'll post pics. I've even got some delicious 05 Marsanne that I
bottled a month ago just waiting for me to cook up some real sour berad
to accompany it!

Well, it's Friday - I think I'll start a new activation tonight and try
again tomorrow! thanks again