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Default The virgin returns

"Will" > wrote

> Perhaps someone else can do the oven temperature, time and stone <g>...

From where I'm at right now (and I am getting pretty comfortable here),
the 375 degree bake I would raise to around 460 at least, preheated for a
good 45 minutes, and definately check that with an oven thermometer. I
didnt notice a really good oven spring (and it saved quite a few pancake
loaves) until I turned up the heat on those quarry tiles of mine. And even
at that heat, I still bake a full 45 minutes, I get a great crust color and
my bread is fully baked through every time, and in no way overdone. I know
there will be plenty of disagreement here, especially from the cold-oven
crowd, but I am pretty happy with it.

Ric, post some pics.