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Default The virgin returns

"Ric" > wrote in message
Well - a virgin no more - but still seeking that sublime loaf of

I am hereby seeking insomniac bread diagnosticians, who have nothing
better to do than offer their much appreciated advice.

Here's the procedure followed;
Wednesday evening took the refrigerated culture out of the
refrigerator. (This is a 'wet' culture). Split in two - one part.
was 'fed', and replaced in the refrigerator this morning after
activation; of the remainder, 1 cup starter was mixed with 1 cup flour.
Thoroughly mixed, and left overnight (12 hours) at a controlled 70 o

lower the amount of starter used to one our two tablespoons, adjust water to
1/2 c and 1c flour. increase proof temp to 80f.

The culture was vigorous and risen this morning, Punched down,
added another 1 cup flour and cup water. Mixed vigorously, and
proofed in a proofing box at 80 o for 5 hours.


Culture was now well risen and very active. Punched down, and
kneaded in 3 cups flour, 1 cup water, 1 teaspoons salt. 1 more cup
flour was kneaded in on the board.
In total; 1 cup "wet" culture, 6 cups flour, 2 cups water, 1
teaspoons salt.

salt should be 1-2%, so for 6c flour the salt should be 7-14g or 3-5 tsp.
longer warm 80-90 ferments will give better sour. your current hydration
level is about 60%, which is about right, might try to lower to around 55%.
if so add 1/2c to above recommendations and you will have 57% hydration.

Loaf was baked in a pre-heated oven @ 375 o, on a baking stone, for
40 minutes.

i always use steam (EXCEPT WHEN DOING DICKY'S RECIPE), water in metal pan on
bottom of oven, with temp closer to 400.

As mentioned in my post the other day, I started this culture from
SDI's "San Francisco Original".

more proof that it is not the culture, per se, that gives the sour, but the
technique. hope this helps, if not try something else and for god's sake,
if it works post it.

dan w