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Default Flat Top Electric Stove

> The one (actually 2) that I have are "Fitz-All" brand Heat Diffusers. It
> claims to protect glass coffee pots and tea pots on ranges and on the back
> goes into detail about how you can use them under metal pots and pans to
> reduce sticking & burning.... UPC is: 77615 02001 and the Model # is
> 2001. The shape is that of a 3-leaf clover without the stem.
> or
> Keeping in mind the recent burner or cutter thread - if you use these,
> make sure you let them cool before you pick them up.
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Piggy-backing on my own post... the link I posted is for reference only. I
have not ordered from this company nor do I know anyone that has. I simply
googled for "Fitz-All heat diffuser" and it was the first item to show up.

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