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Default Flat Top Electric Stove

"Peter Aitken"& "Syssi" wrote:

>> I use one of those copper wire things underneath the pans that are
>> concave or have a raised ring that causes most of the surface to not
>> touch the stovetop. It works like a charm!
>> --
>> Syssi

> Can you provide more details? Sounds like something I might like to use.
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> Peter Aitken
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The one (actually 2) that I have are "Fitz-All" brand Heat Diffusers. It
claims to protect glass coffee pots and tea pots on ranges and on the back
goes into detail about how you can use them under metal pots and pans to
reduce sticking & burning.... UPC is: 77615 02001 and the Model # is 2001.
The shape is that of a 3-leaf clover without the stem.


Keeping in mind the recent burner or cutter thread - if you use these, make
sure you let them cool before you pick them up.