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Default Flat Top Electric Stove

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>> I love my flat top stove. It even has other uses. When not ehated,
>> it's extra counter space, and I sometimes even use the glass surface to
>> roll out dough for biscuits and cookies!

> ROFL! I use mine for extra counter space too! :-)
> I even use it for prep with a cutting board on top.....
>> .
>> Anyway, the main thing is to have pots with a completely flat bottom.
>> I do occasionally use my cast iron, but very carefully, and do not drop
>> it roughly or slide across the surface. I also use mostly the All
>> Clad brand -- while I have pieces of different brands, I have decided I
>> like the All Clad best. But the stabndard advice is, don't buy sets.
>> You won't use them all. Just get the pieces you would use, and look
>> for sales. On line, Chef's Catalog and are good sources
>> for occasional sales on this brand, and others.

> My mom's old pressure cooker has a slighly convex bottom and it's
> working ok. I'm just careful to "prop" it on something so that it does
> not rock or move when it comes up to pressure. Yeah, I have a new one
> but it needs a new safety valve. I just have to go find one.
>> .
>> And, save the cast iron skillet for cooking cornbread inside the oven.

> Why??? I use ONLY cast iron skillets and so far, so good! I've had this
> stove now for nearly 4 years and have yet to have an issue with my
> skillets, or my cast iron dutch oven that I sometimes use for slow
> cooking/braising.
>> Oh yes. If you still want to ~almost~ replicate the effects of cast
>> iron on top of the stove (heavy sides as well as bottom) the Calphalon
>> line has four different lines, and one of them is dark "hard anodized"
>> steel. I have a small covered stewpot of that line, and an
>> accocmpanying small skillet - they share the same lid. I wouldn't have
>> bought them except the set was on half price sale, at $50. They're
>> OK, but I mostly use my All Clad in the same sizes.

> Cheers!

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> Om.


I use one of those copper wire things underneath the pans that are concave
or have a raised ring that causes most of the surface to not touch the
stovetop. It works like a charm!